NAMTA Art art articles for students Advocacy

“Parent and student engagement were higher when more students in a school were enrolled in art courses.”…

“Experts and advocates have long touted the beneficial role of arts programs in the criminal justice system,…”
Supporting the arts has always been a key objective for NAMTA members but never has Art Advocacy been more crucial than it is today. Study after study has shown that including art-related activities in a child’s education will produce a smarter, more creative and successful student.
NAMTA Art art articles for students Advocacy
NAMTA Art art articles for students Advocacy
The first time Helen Taylor read a poem at a writer’s workshop many of her classmates began to tear up…
In honor of the 10th International Arts Education week, art projects and scholarly events in South Korea addressed arts education and its function in society and culture. art articles for students
Advocating for the arts enhances communities and makes good business sense.
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When people think of art, they think of bizzare creations and beautiful intricate paintings hung up in museums. Essentially, the process of bringing an artwork to life is a creative one but art itself can also serve a purpose. It can be used as a way to raise awareness about issues that affect us in our daily lives.
Namta has once again became a sponsor for the Mid-Carolina Region of the Scholastic Art Awards. This is the nations’ longest running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens.
There is unprecedented enthusiasm among young art collectors today for discovering local artists.
“Total appropriations to state art agencies are projected to increase by 49.5%… art articles online “