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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop Website adventure for student learning about Leonardo Da Vinci.

Face to Face Portraits from the Past Great online game about portraits. You learn a lot and have fun too!
Who Am I? Art and Identity – Virtual Tour by Palmer Museum of Art This interactive virtual museum tour designed for students in grades 5 features a selection of objects from diverse areas of the Palmer Museum of Art’s collection, related through an exploration of personal or cultural identity. Featured artists include: Laylah Ali, Willie Cole, Roberto Lugo, Violet Oakley, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, and more. Support for this project provided by Art Bridges.
Create a Hopper-inspired Postcard Inspired by Edward Hopper’s drawings and paintings of hotels, design your own hotel room interior with this template, using two-point perspective. Resource download seum/learn/resources/create-a-postcard/
Drawings inspired by daily meals ! Looking for drawing content to share right in your students home? Since the 1980s, Itsuo Kobayashi has drawn a picture of every single meal he eats. Great illustrations to share for your at-home students! suo-kobayashi-food-illustration/
Craft in America: Free Videos and Education Guides! Visit Craft in America for dozens of videos, guides, lessons, and teacher resources including guides and more! s/by-date
A Guide to Impressionism Learn about the history and artistic style of the Impressionists in this teacher’s resource from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Find out why the Impressionists were considered so shocking and how they have influenced art over a hundred years later. Explore the art of Monet, Renoir, Degas, and more! seum/learn/resources/guide-to-impressionism/
Remote Learning using Artsonia Use Artsonia to engage in remote-learning with your students. Learn how to use Classroom Mode, communicate with parents and create projects that your students can submit. There are also links to videos, project ideas and lesson plans.
6 Feet David’s Harp Foundation, San Diego CA, released an original song to promote social distancing. SHyCyxBo&
art21 Educator Resources Art21’s Education initiatives engage audiences in a dialogue about contemporary art and the artists featured in Art21 films. Programs are based on the organization’s belief that the art and ideas of contemporary visual artists are powerful models for creative and critical thinking across subjects areas and disciplines. s/
Obra Gráfica Mexicana en el Instituto de Arte In Spanish, Obra Gráfica Mexicana en el Instituto de Arte de Minneapolis provides a close-up look at fourteen prints from the museum’s collection made by a selection of Mexico’s leading artists from 1890 to 2010. This resource is relevant to visual arts, social studies, English language arts, Spanish language, and interdisciplinary lessons.
Palmer Museum of Art-African Brilliance The Palmer Museum of Art has released a virtual tour of their special exhibition “African Brilliance”. This tour features clickable navigation through installation images, high resolution images of selected works, video “discussion” of selected works, and demo videos of art activities inspired by works included.
Inside Art An interesting walk through some historical artwork. sideart/
Google Arts and Culture Created by Google Cultural Institute, Discover artworks, collections and stories from all around the world in a new way. You can also download the mobile app!
Layers of Louis This digital resource was developed by teenagers in the Museum Leaders in Training program. They developed this resource to complement VMFA’s exhibition “Working Together: Louis Draper and the Kamoinge Workshop.” The timeline focuses on events during and surrounding Richmond-native Louis Draper’s life. seum/learn/resources/layers-of-louis/
Drawing in One-Point Perspective This is a great resources for step-by-step one-point perspective. spective/
Getty Artworks Recreated with Household Items by Creative Geniuses the World Over Recreate your favorite art using just three objects lying around home using digitized and downloadable artworks from Getty’s online collection.
Art21 Educators’ Guides Educator Guides are designed to be used as a resource in the classroom before, during, and after viewing Art21 films. These guides provide information about selected artists and themes, questions for classroom discussions, and hands-on activities that provide students with a fundamental understanding of creative and critical thinking processes. s/tools-for-teaching/guides/educators-guides/
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Global Exchange Groups of people around the world have exchanged goods, knowledge, and ideas for centuries. This resource pairs objects in the Virginia Museum of Fine Art’s collection with simple engagement activities to help students explore how art can evidence the various ways in which technologies, forms, images, symbols, and concepts are adopted, adapted, and/or reinterpreted by communities across the globe. seum/learn/resources/global-exchange/
Impressionism on a Vinyl Record This is a video teaching link. The video contains information about Impressionism and how to paint with acrylic paint. It also includes a lesson on watercolor on a coffee filter and painting on a paper plate. The art of Van Gogh and Monet are used as examples.
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willlems Visit Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems everyday. Download each day’s activities and catch up with previous episodes on YouTube. See a sample activity here. Resource download s/
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Professional learning from anywhere in the world! Access live and archived webinars, workshops, and more. Earn continuing education or university credit!
Californians for the Arts – Covid 19 Resources Developed for Californians in mind, this resource includes information also relevant for the nation-at-large. A list of resources for news, health recommendations, funding options, broadcasting ideas, emergency response resources.
I AM: IDENTITY IN AFRICAN ART This Art in Depth resource from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts addresses this question: What can art tell us about an individual or community? This resource explores concepts of identity in traditional African art and culture by focusing on twelve objects that speak to various roles within a society. seum/learn/resources/identity-african-art/
Consider the Source: Humanity, Habitat, and Creativity Artists across all times and places take advantage of local materials and resources to craft their work. At the same time, the local habitat influences and inspires artistic decisions. Use this resource from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to explore symbiotic relationships between artist and environment. seum/learn/resources/consider-the-source-humanity-habitat-and-creativity/
Lesson Concept: Bringing Empathy into the Classroom: Valuing the Differences On its surface, art may seem to have one purpose or audience, but closer examination can help reaffirm a broader human connection. Art can speak to us no matter our background, race, gender, religion, orientation, ability, age, or socioeconomic status. Using art in the classroom allows us to celebrate diversity in a powerful and meaningful way. seum/learn/resources/bringing-empathy-into-the-museum-valuing-the-differences/
Game Design Challenge Learning from home creates obstacles. These obstacles can help motivate us to redesign something as fun as a game. Within this 4-week unit students are challenged to ask, learn, imagine, design, build, then share, reflect and redesign a game. This unit was designed for middle school students in grade 6-8 but can be adapted for other ages. Resource download
George Washington: A National Treasure This website provides a very detailed look at the Landsdowne Portrait of George Washington. Students may search through website/portrait to identify the 12 symbols and what they represent. Afterwards, students may create their own artwork using personal symbols.
State Directors of Arts Educations share resources here! State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education is reaching out to gather and share arts education resources. Select the link and discover how SEDAE is resources you and your colleagues in arts education can use!
Jamestown and Beyond Explore twelve works of art that illustrate and illuminate the world of 1607 and the legacy of Jamestown. Some were created by European, African, Asian, and South American cultures around the time that Jamestown was struggling to survive. Others were produced in the centuries that followed as artists drew from fact, legend, and imagination to depict the Jamestown colony. seum/learn/resources/jamestown-and-beyond-the-world-of-1607/
How to Properly Wash Your Hands! An official hand-washing guide from medical professionals.
JSTOR More than 6,000 Open Access ebooks from 75 publishers are now available at no cost to libraries or users.
Native Art: Native Voices – A Resource for K-12 Learners This resource from the Minneapolis Institute of Art is designed to support the integration of Native voices and art into your curriculum. It includes four types of content: Artist interview videos; Essays about artworks in Mia’s collection and discussion questions; Art lessons developed by and with Minnesota Native artists; Reading selections on environmental contexts.
K-12 Art Materials Brainstorming Worksheet This worksheet walks through reflection and planning for building their own artist tool kit for remote learning Resource download scloud. art articles for middle school
PBS Learning Media – Hundreds of Resources! WFYI and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers of all subjects.
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Lesson Concept: Why Look at Art? Students practice engaging with art, making meaning from that interaction, and considering how art can connect us to people and ideas across time and place. seum/learn/resources/lesson-idea-why-look-at-art/
Sharing solutions and support for success in this unique school year is our goal for this conversation. Join expert guides as they communicate how they are navigating the current landscape as supervisors, administrators, and classroom practitioners. Gain perspective from various vantage points and walk away with practical ideas for immediate use whether you’re faced with the challenges and opportunities of remote, in-person, or hybrid learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access the recording Download accompanying handout
382 Videos about Art! Check out the The Kids Should See This website. Thousands of inspiring resources with 328 specifically about art!
Davis Publications Free Resources Teaching Art Online, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, SchoolArts online, lessons, and more…
Chalk it Up! With VMFA galleries closed we need your help to share our collection across Virginia! Use these artworks for inspiration and decorate a sidewalk near you! seum/learn/resources/hands-on-activity-chalk-it-up/
Color Theory Vs. Dr. Grary and his Dechromatizer A game about color theory. Interesting and creative fun.
Skype with an Archaeologist in Ancient Corinth, Greece! Behind the scenes photos from the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth and the ongoing excavations in Ancient Corinth by the American School of Classical studies show what it’s like to work as an archaeologist in Greece!
NGA Kids National Gallery of Art for iPad. Great resource with loads to do! s.html
Creative Constraints This is a Fundamentals of Art lesson exploring creative constraints and contemporary art. Resource download
Tech Giants Come Together to Offer Free Lessons! Media, Education and Tech Giants Come Together to Offer Free Lessons, Activities During Pandemic — All in One Curated Place! The site brings together content from a diverse group of companies to help students, teachers and families find free, reliable resources while school buildings are shuttered.
12 World Class Museums You Can Visit Online Virtual museum tours for: The Louvre; The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; The National Gallery Of Art; The British Museum; Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History; The Metropolitan Museum Of Art; The Dalí Theatre-Museum; Nasa; The Vatican Museums; The National Women’s History Museum; The National Museum Of The United States Air Force; The Google Art Project
Frida Kahlo: The woman behind the legend Here is just one of 328 art related videos available at The Kids Should See This website. It’s like PBS or NPR for kids!
Women in Art: Activism and Resistance – Virtual Tour by Palmer Museum of Art This interactive, online tour features compelling artwork by female artists working in a variety of mediums during the 20th and 21st centuries who have contributed to political, social, and cultural change. Featured artists include Judy Chicago, Julie Heffernan, Ana Mendieta, Cindy Sherman, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Renee Stout, Kara Walker, and more. Generous support for this project provided by Art Bridges.
The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections Access endless open content including educational resources for e-learning and virtual retreats to art, culture, and history around the globe. This is the museum technology community’s time to shine! seum-resources/
How Artists Have Kept Still Life Painting Alive Over Thousands of Years How Artists Have Kept Still Life Painting Alive Over Thousands of Years. Good for student introduction to still life. Resource document is a print version since website has many advertisements and popups. s-still-life-painting-definition/
Free High Quality Drawing Lessons Online with TZM Studio NAEA member Laura Mann shares dozens of professionally produced drawing videos on YouTube. Laurie’s mission is to teach the skill of drawing at a mastery level to anyone who has the determination and openness to learn. Drawing is a teachable and learnable skill! Check it out! studio
Leadership What does leadership look like? Objects in VMFA’s African Art collection are paired with simple engagement strategies to help students explore how different cultures define and visualize the qualities of a leader. seum/learn/resources/leadership/
8 Real-life People Who Became the Stars of Art History’s Most Famous Paintings 8 Real-Life People Who Became the Stars of Art History’s Most Famous Paintings. s-portraits/
NAEA Town Call Conversation | Art Education and School Year 2020-21: Navigating Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person Instruction in the COVID-19 Landscape
Repository of Distance Learning from Museums With children and learners everywhere out of school for the foreseeable future, museums across the continent have come together to share their distance learning with you. Use the pull-down filters below to find the best programs and resources for your needs.
Artists to Know This is a resource of artworks and one page activities based on Keri Smith’s “How to be an Explorer of the World” and the work of a variety of modern/ contemporary artists. The pages can be shared digitally, printed individually, or assembled to make a zine. s/1HZC1W7wu09Qm7qu4_tRo68iWexyhjf1w?usp=sharing
Lesson Concept: Seeing And Sifting Why look at art? Art is one way humans communicate ideas to one another. Sifting through the information art presents takes careful and purposeful looking. Using this lesson, students can practice connecting to art as intentional inquirers. seum/learn/resources/lesson-concept-seeing-and-sifting/
Lesson Concept: From Experience to Art: Thinking Like an Artist To Think Things Through When world events suddenly shift our perspective and present overwhelming concerns, thinking like an artist can offer a way to creatively reflect on and process our days. Use the art, videos, and ideas in this lesson concept to help students explore ways to visually articulate their experiences by considering the colors, objects, and materials they encounter throughout their days. seum/learn/resources/from-experience-to-art-thinking-like-an-artist-to-think-things-through/
Creativity Connections partners with The School Zone Institute, ARCHITECTURE and CHILDREN, and UWM’s Design/Draw to BUILD, to reach imaginations of all ages during this time when schools are closed. Everyone can take time to think, reflect, make and create! and The School Zone Institute share Weekly Themes with Daily Activities to engage people to make something extraordinary out of things that are ordinary! s
Amazing Educational Resources – 1129 Resources! Share educational resources and support each other as a community of educators!
Study Says Making Art Reduces Stress, Even if You Kind of Suck at it Researchers found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body.
AP Check-in Worksheet A reflection tool for AP Studio Art students to reflect, adjust and plan. Resource download
Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Hosting Virtual Tours A dozen of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic designs are available to explore as part of the #WrightVirtualVisits initiative. Some links available on this page, others require Instagram.
Andy Goldworthy: The Art of Nature Get outside, safely! View a few works by Andy Goldsworthy and create amazing art from found natural objects. Take photos and share on Social Media! Notice how your work changes with different times of day. Resource download sworthy-the-art-of-nature
The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts – Resources Online Visit the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts under Resources for Educators! Thousands of ideas, videos and lessons! Here is just one of many examples for printable lessons. sources-for-educators/
Secondary Division Remote Learning art articles for middle school • National Art Education Association
Secondary Division Remote Learning art articles for middle school • National Art Education Association
Picassohead Create picasso like artwork online. Flash Player Required.
Be An Architect! Fun interactive website about being an architect.
Trans-Regional Exchange Use this resource set to explore how art can illustrate various ways in which technologies, forms, images, symbols, beliefs and concepts are adopted, adapted, and/or reinterpreted by communities across the globe until 1500. seum/learn/resources/trans-regional-exchange/
Mexican Prints at the Minneapolis Institute of Art Mexican Prints at the Minneapolis Institute of Art provides a close-up look at fourteen prints from the museum’s collection made by a selection of Mexico’s leading artists from 1890 to 2010. This resource is relevant to visual arts, social studies, English language arts, Spanish language, and interdisciplinary lessons.
ArtGames 2.0 The ArtGames app features seven unique video games based on seven artworks in the Albright-Knox’s collection. s-20
What’s the Big Idea? Artists have stories to tell and concepts to explore. By looking at works of art with an investigative eye, students may connect with these artistic ideas while exercising creative and critical thinking skills. Objects in the Virginia of Fine Arts collection are paired with simple engagement activities to help students thoughtfully consider and unpack the big ideas each artwork presents. seum/learn/resources/whats-the-big-idea/
The Smithsonian Learning Lab The Smithsonian Institutes right on your desktop! Support deep, meaningful learning with an online universe of authentic resources and tools for making them your own. Explore and create unique collections tailored to your every need. Students and teachers alike can create their own accounts and dive right in! There’s more! art articles new york times